Gram Weighted Gold Bars

For smaller investors or for those who are simply not willing to spend the thousands of dollars on a gold investment, gram sizes of gold bars may be just right for you. While most of these bars are quite small, some are much bigger than you may have originally anticipated

There is a wide variety of different producers as well as sizes of gram gold bars which makes your life just a little bit more difficult. Not every bar of the same size is going to run you the same price because different producers charge different prices.

Just like you will not pay the same price for a similarly sized TV produced by different companies, a similarly sized gold bar produced by two different companies will also cost different prices.

There are a multitude of different online precious metals dealers, most of which contain these smaller bars. Because some online sites have different prices and a different selection of bars you will likely need to shop around for the best deal. Without shopping around you may be paying more money than you should for a given item or items.

Different Sizes

Gram gold bars can be as small as the sim card in your cell phone to a little over 3 ounces in weight. The variety of different gram bars you will find through your searching of precious metals dealers may leave you a bit shell-shocked, so it is important to have an idea of what type of bar you want to buy or how much money you are willing to spend before you ever begin searching online.

Some of the smallest sizes of gold bars are 1, 2, 2.5, and 5 grams in size. These bars are incredibly small and because of that they typically are shipped in plastic cases accompanied with what is called assay. Assay is essentially a little card or symbol that guarantees the gold bar you have encased in plastic is actually a gold bar.

You see, these smaller sizes of gold are so small that without the plastic casing they would be very prone to being lost and/or damaged. Just like any other purchase of bullion, you are going to be expected to pay a premium over spot value of the gold in the bar. With bars as small as these, you can expect to pay a premium of anywhere in between $12 and $35. The lower the premium, the better, and this is why competitively shopping around is so important.

The larger sizes of gram gold bars come in weights of 10, 20, and 100 grams. The 10 and 20 gram bars are much like their aforementioned, smaller counter parts in that they usually are shipped encased in plastic and with assay. 100 gram gold bars are a bit larger than any other gram size of bullion.

These can come encased in plastic and with assay, but it is not uncommon to see them shipped without any special protective case. In fact, even the 20 gram gold bars can occasionally be shipped without assay. So long as you are purchasing from a reputable dealer, you can trust larger gram sized bars with or without assay.

Below is a full list of articles delving deeper into each size of gram gold bar, including producers, premiums over spot, availability, etc:

Producers of Gram Bars

Like mentioned earlier in this article, there are a number of different companies who produce and output gram sizes of gold bars. During your search you will come across any number of companies including: Perth Mint, Pamp Suisse, Credit Suisse, Sunshine Mint, and RCM.

Just like brand names matter when shopping for clothing and food, they also matter to those who invest in gold. Some people are so loyal to certain brands that they are willing to pay a larger premium just to have a certain sized bar produced by a specific company.

This may seem crazy but it happens with just about anything that is purchased today. At the end of the day, very little differentiates bars of the same size that are produced by different companies. Being loyal to a given brand is fine and good, but if you do not have extra money to shell out for a name brand then it doesn’t really matter at all.