Where to Buy Physical Gold

When it comes to investing in precious metals, specifically gold, there has never been a better time to do so. The reasons for this are many and the benefits are even greater. The ease of purchasing gold online means that you do not even have to leave your bedroom to be a large-scale investor.

That being said, not everybody that is an investor deals in the hundreds of thousands of dollars range, in fact most precious metals investors do it on the side in smaller quantities as a way of preserving the value of their assets, namely currency.

The more convenient it is for people to invest in gold through dealers online, the more enticing an investment in gold begins to look. This has been proven in the fact that there are more precious metals dealers online now than there ever has been.

Buying gold online is becoming an increasingly more popular option than hopping in your car and driving to your local coin shop or precious metals dealer. In the following few sections you will be briefed on why exactly buying gold bars online serves you the most benefit for your investment experience.


The first benefit of buying gold bars online is the sheer variety that is at your disposal. When you sit at your computer browsing the array of precious metals dealers that exists, moving from site to site is as easy as clicking the mouse. In the past, checking out a variety of different precious metals dealers would take you a long time and would require a lot of journeying as most precious metals dealers are few and far between unless you live in a major metropolitan area.

Whether you are looking for large 100 ounce gold bars or bars as small as a gram or two, buying them online is simply more logical. Many people do not know about the variety of different sizes of bars and producers of bars exist out there until they experience it at a site online. By browsing the plethora of dealers on the internet you are giving yourself the best opportunity to find the gold bars you are looking for at the price you are willing to pay.


Buying gold bars online can be a great option because it is easy for so many reasons. Not only is it simple to be able to see all the products they have at the same time, the spot prices and product prices are all laid out in front of you as well. Browsing dealers online is like walking through aisles of a store without ever leaving your computer seat.

Paying for your purchases is easy too because there are typically a number of different options for payment. Credit card/PayPal is arguably the most popular form of paying for gold bars online, but other options like bank wire and checks exist as well. No need to worry about your credit information being out there for scammers and hackers to steal because your transactions online are safe and secure so long as you are dealing with a reputable, BBB-accredited gold dealer.

After you make a payment your purchase will be shipped to your household within a matter of days, and without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home, you are now the proud owner of new gold bars.

No Sales Tax

Often times when making large-scale purchases the price of an item looks to be a steal until it is rung up at the register and sales tax is added. For purchases that are in the hundreds and even thousands of dollars, sales tax can really add up to be bulk up your bottom line into some big, ugly number. Luckily for those of who choose purchase their precious metals online, the dark cloud of sales tax does not ever show its face.

In some places the sales tax per dollar is in the double digit percentages and with a 10% sales tax a purchase of $100 now becomes $110. If this isn’t outrageous enough already, just imagine how inconvenient it becomes when you add a few zeroes to that $110.

Online dealers have the advantage of being able to sell their products without sales tax and for this reason they are becoming much more popular than your typical brick and mortar store. The amount of money you can save on bulk purchases of gold bars online is astonishing once you sit down and actually do the math, not to mention that most bulk orders offer free shipping as well; an added bonus.

Lower Prices

You will find, in most cases, that purchasing gold bars online is much less expensive than purchasing them through brick and mortar dealers. Online dealers are able to offer you the best prices because they are able to update the price of their products as fast as the market is updated. Brick and mortar dealers do not always have this benefit and for this reason their prices are much more costly.

Of course, at the end of the day shopping around and doing price comparisons is the only true way to guarantee yourself the best deal on gold bars.

Private Exchanges

Because buying gold bars online is discreet and can be done from the comfort of your own home, every exchange is extremely private. You do not have to let anyone know how much gold you are buying or even if you are buying gold at all because you will never have to leave your house and the metals will be delivered in boxes directly to your doorstep.

Not only is the actual purchasing of the gold bars private, the payment process is private as well. While you are exchanging extremely private pieces of financial information to the online dealer, they will usually go to great lengths to preserve the privacy of your transaction.

All of this information are contributing factors to why buying gold bars online just makes more sense than purchasing it through any other outlet.