2 Gram Gold Bars

Gold bars come in all shapes and sizes, and the degree to which you would like to invest greatly determines just how much gold you will buy. Beginning investors are typically urged to start small because they are new to precious metals investing and playing around with large amounts of money with no experience is nothing more than a recipe for disaster.

Before you start investing or even browsing for gold bars to buy, you should educate yourself a bit on just what makes a gold bar cost the price it does as well as the difference between a gold bar minted by company A and a gold bar minted by company B. The aforementioned topics and more will be laid out in the following few sections.

Types of 2 Gram Gold Bars

A 2 Gram Gold Bar from Credit Suisse, Liberty Design

A 2 Gram Gold Bar from Credit Suisse, Liberty Design

Gold is an incredibly popular metal, and it has been for thousands and thousands of years. Nowadays the trading and exchanging of gold has become increasingly standardized and increasingly easy to become a part of. With plenty of brick and mortar dealers, and the addition of an influx of online dealers, purchasing 2 gram gold bars has never been easier.

When looking at the different gold bars you will come across, a gold bar of any given size typically looks exactly like other gold bars of the same size, regardless of producer. It may be hard to believe that brand names matter when it comes to gold bars, but the reality is that most investors care about the producer of the bar first and foremost. Just like some people remain brand loyal to clothing or food companies, investors also tend to remain loyal to a brand of bar that they have fallen in love with.

2 gram gold bars are unique in that they are not produced nearly as readily as 1 or 5 gram gold bars. Because of their obscure size, the main producer of this gold bar is a company by the name of Credit Suisse, which is located in Switzerland.


2 gram gold bars are a bit larger than their 1 gram cousins, but still are a fairly small piece of gold. Because of this, when online dealers ship gold bars to their customers, the bars are safely encased in plastic and that plastic is usually attached to a larger piece of cardboard as to add size.

Typically contained with your packaging is assay, or certification that the bar you are receiving is actually comprised of gold. If you are purchasing a 2 gram gold bar without assay you are risking the validity of the gold bar you are trying to invest in.

Premium Over Spot

Spot value, when referenced in dealing with precious metals, means the value of the gold in a bar. The spot value of gold is always changing, sometimes moving up and sometimes down, and for this reason you should always keep your eyes on the precious metals markets.

Since gold dealers are in the business to make a profit, they will obviously never sell you a gold bar for solely what it is worth, instead they will add a little bit of money to the bottom line in order to turn a profit on the gold and silver they sell.

As a consumer, it is your job to jump around from site to site in order to find the best deal. As the market is always changing, finding a good deal can be a lot easier than one may originally anticipate. Commonly you will find that 2 gram gold bars are sold at a value that is between $10 and $15 dollars over the spot value of the metal; very similar to the premium added to 1 gram gold bars.