San Antonio Gold Shops

According to section 151.336 of the Texas Tax Exemptions and Tax Incedence Report published in February 2011, any gold, silver or platinum in coin or bullion form is tax exempt if the total amount of the sale equals or exceeds $1,000. Buyers and collectors should keep this in mind when looking to invest in gold and silver coinage and bullion. They may want to opt to make purchases in large quantities rather than one coin at a time in order to take advantage of this exemption.

Lone Star Coins

lone-starThe people at Lone Star Coins keep every customer’s buying needs in mind when engaging in a transaction. With over forty years in the coin dealing business they have seen every level of experience versus naïveté when it comes to buying coins and gold bullion.

The dealers at Lone Star Coins take pride in offering a personal touch to buying and collecting coins. The many years of numismatic knowledge means that they bring a deep historical background to every coin they sell, setting them apart from the cookie cutter-coin retailer.

They stay regularly supplied with the more common gold and silver coins such as the American Eagles, South African Krugerrands, Canadian Maple Leafs, Chinese Panada, Mexican Pesos and Austria-Hungarian Coronas. All of their coins and rounds are available in a variety of weights. They offer a number of silver coinage including dimes, quarters, half dollars and full silver dollars. Lone Star Coins has a number of United States coins and rounds not found in the typical coin shop. These include Type I and Type III one-dollar coins and rounds.

Also two-dollar, five-dollar and ten-dollar gold Liberties and Indians as well as twenty-dollar Saint Gaudens. Lone Star Coins aims to give the customer what they are looking for. If they don’t carry the coin, the dealers at Lone Star do everything they to procure it in the best quality available. Lone Star Coins is located in the Galleria Oaks Center 15909 US 281 North #123 San Antonio, TX 78232. Their telephone number is (210) 735-7131 and they offer a twenty-four hour quote line at (210) 736-4006 that is updated daily.

Harry’s Coin and Jewelry

harrysFor over thirty years Harry’s Coin and Jewelry has offered top quality customer service to the people of the San Antonio area. They supply a bevy of gold and silver coins from both the United States and abroad. The dealers at Harry’s Coins treat every transaction personally.

They offer a level of customer service unmatched by other retailers due to their many years in the coin and bullion business. When buying gold and silver coins one must be ever wary of the condition and rarity of the coin as well as its gold or silver content. At Harry’s, their years of numismatic knowledge offers customers an edge knowing that they are buying from tried and tested professionals. In addition, they also buy both gold and silver coins from here in the United States and abroad. It is important to remember wen buying and selling coins that condition is key. Customers of Harry’s can count on the highest standards of quality and sellers are reminded to keep their coins in good condition.

However, attempting to clean of repair a coin can often lead to severely damaging the value of the coin or round in question. The best thing to do is to bring the item to trained professionals like those at Harry’s Coin and Jewelry to determine a coins value. Equally important to quality and service is accessibility. Harry’s Coin and Jewelry is open at ten in the morning and open as late as six at night, Monday through Saturday. They are located on the west side of Bandera road just three blocks from the 410 loop, directly next to the Leon Valley Water Tower. Their telephone number is (210) 684-6326.

Alamo Heights Coin Shop

alamo-heightsThe folks at Alamo Heights Coin Shop have a passion for the gold and silver coin business. They offer a vast variety of coinage and rounds from both here in the United States and abroad. They take pride in their knowledge of their products, believing that history is the key to numismatic knowledge and running a successful coin business.

For nearly forty years the dealers at Alamo Heights have taken the time to research their craft and present the customer with a full knowledge of the product in which they are interested. On top of their extensive knowledge, the people at Alamo Heights strive to make every transaction a personal one. They make every effort to ensure that the customer has a comfortable and pleasurable buying experience leading to a large amount of repeat business.

They regularly stock a majority of the popular collectors coins such as Chinese Pandas and a number of rare coins as well. In addition to their large supply of coins available for sale, Alamo Heights also buys all types of coinage and collectors coins for those looking to sell their coins. They are located at 2013 Austin Highway San Antonio, TX 78218 and their telephone number is (210) 826-6082.