Dallas Gold Shops

In Texas, hand-to-hand gold transactions are susceptible to sales tax if the overall purchase is less than $1,000 total. Purchases of gold and silver bullion over $1,000 are exempt from this tax, so we recommend purchasing at least $1,000 at a time in state, or to shop online from an out of state retailer.

Dallas Gold and Silver Exchange

dallas-exchangeThe dealers at Dallas Gold and Silver Exchange take tremendous pride in supplying the people of Dallas with the finest quality of coins and bullion. For over thirty years they have grown and expanded their inventory to cater to a broad range of buyers and collectors. From the novice, looking to start buying and collecting, to the most seasoned collectors, seeking to diversify their collections, Dallas Gold and Silver Exchange has something for everyone.

Some common coins are gold Eagles, Liberties, American Buffalo, South African Krugerrand, Austrian Philharmonics and Corona. They also have some truly rare coins like a 1907 High Relief Saint Gauden, listed at sixty-five thousand dollars and a 1848 Five dollar Half Eagle, listed for thirty-five grand. In addition Dallas Gold has a number of silver products including coins, rounds and bars.

The goal at Dallas Gold and Silver Exchange is to make every customer feel engaged and comfortable in their gold or silver buying experience. Not only is the customer service top notch in their brick and mortar store, they also operate an extremely helpful and in depth website.

DGSE.com allows customers of Dallas Gold and Silver the opportunity to view what products are currently available for purchase, physically make those purchases and have them delivered. The website also offers an up to date ticker of market precious metal prices. Customers can be up to the minute aware of what gold, silver and other precious metals are worth.

This allows those customers to determine the value of their own collections as well as the fairness of a listed price; again, in order to make the customer a bigger part in their own gold or silver buying experience. They have several Dallas locations at 6174 Sherry Lane Dallas, TX 75225, phone number (972)481-3800, as well as locations outside Dallas in Allen, Fort Worth, Euless, Arlington and Southlake Texas.

Walnut Gold and Silver, Incorporated

walnutSince 1980 Walnut Gold and Silver Inc. has served the downtown Dallas area with quality products and a high standard of customer service. Every customer is met with the same level of professional service and each dealer takes true pride in his or her numismatic knowledge. This means that the customer is getting the highest quality gold or silver buying experience.

In addition to a great customer environment, Walnut Gold and Silver is very accessible in downtown Dallas and is said to be the oldest coin and bullion dealer in the Metroplex. They are open Monday through Friday from 10am to 6pm and Saturday 10am to 3pm. In addition to selling both common and rare coins in gold and silver, Walnut buys a range of gold and silver products.

On their website, www.walnutgoldsilver.com the have a sidebar where customers can input the condition and type of item they are looking to sell and receive a free appraisal from Walnut Gold and Silver Inc.

For over thirty years their aim has been to cater to the customer and their needs. This is just another example of how they achieve their high level of service and availability. Walnut Gold and Silver Incorporated is located at 3720 Walnut Hill Lane #105 Dallas, TX 75229 and their telephone number is (214) 357-1111.

U.S. Bullion Exchange

us-bullionFor over twenty years the highly skilled dealers at US Bullion Exchange Inc. have offered the highest degree of numismatic knowledge. With such a long history in the bullion buying and selling business they take pride in their extensive knowledge of the precious metal trade. The price of gold and silver fluctuates on a daily basis.

A reliable coin and bullion dealer stays on top of the market closings and updates their prices accordingly. At US Bullion Exchange they strive to stay on the top tier of coin retailers and are constantly updating and resupplying their stock of coins and bars. In the interest of allowing their customers to gain the same access as their dealers US Bullion offers a posting of daily closing gold and silver prices.

The site, USBullionExchange.com, also has a tab where customers can view past trends in gold, silver, platinum and palladium prices. As far as the products available at US Bullion Exchange, they are always looking to buy and expand their own collection. They retail many of the common gold coinage, American Buffalo and Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, British Sovereign and French Franc, among others.

They also sell gold bars and metalor gold bars in one ounce and ten ounce weights. US Bullion also deals in a range of silver products. Such include the American Silver Eagle, silver bars in a variety of weights and bags of silver coins from 1965 to 1969 and before. By opening an account with US Bullion on their website ordering their quality products is quick and easy.

Those who sign up also have the opportunity to receive their free investor’s guide giving the coin collector both novice and veteran greater insight into bullion investment. US Bullion Exchange Inc. is located at 11311 Reeder Rd. Dallas, TX 75229 and their phone number is (800) 527-1269.