NTR Gold Bars

NTR metals is a relatively new company that started out in Dallas, Texas 4 years after the turn of the 21st century. Much more than simply a company that produces bars and other types of bullion, NTR is also known as a refinery and a recycling entity for all types of precious metals.

NTR metals is a bit of a deceiving name too because they deal with much more than just metals. Nowadays NTR handles precious stones as well; things such as diamonds and other widely sought stones. What most other people view as scrap, NTR views as a way to make more profit while at the same time being a sustainable organization. They are known for turning countless amounts of scrap metals into viable forms of precious metals that can be consumed by people all over the world.

While NTR originated in the heartland of the United States, their services have broadened to now serve parts of Europe as well. With operations in the UK, Ireland, Germany, and Holland NTR has truly expanded to become a major global player in everything that has to do with precious metals. It is really hard to believe that, in under ten years, NTR Metals has gone from a relatively small operation in Texas to a booming industrial organization with a large presence in various parts of the world.

Products Produced

NTR is known for a number of different operations having to do with precious metals and stones, but as far as investors are concerned, their bars are the real draw to the company. Producing both gold and silver bars it goes without saying that they are a diverse company and able to handle all types of production.

If you are a small time investor you will be more than happy to know that their bars are produced in sizes as small as 1 ounce. If 1 ounce bars do not really tickle your fancy, no need to be worried because they produce bars as large as 100 ounces.

An interesting product that is, as far as I am concerned, unique to NTR is the golden triangle. Like its name implies, the golden triangle is literally a normal gold bullion bar that is shaped in a triangular form. They do not explain the significance of the triangle, but one thing we do know is that it is very attractive and interests a large enough amount of people that they still produce it today.

Common Premiums

Investors everywhere hate hearing the word “premium” because that only means the bottom line of their order is going to be more expensive than originally anticipated. Investors sometimes overlook, or simply do not mind, a premium if the bar they receive is of the highest quality; NTR bars fit this description.

There is not an exact premium tied to NTR products because premiums are usually determined by the site that retails the metal. One thing you can be sure of, however, is that if you purchase a large quantity of NTR bullion your premium (per ounce) will be significantly smaller than if you purchase a small quantity of metal. The only way you can ensure that your premium will not be astronomical is if you shop around and compare prices from different online and brick and mortar precious metals dealers.