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JM BullionAs far as online outlets for precious metals go, JM Bullion has got to be at the top of any investor’s list.

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The up and coming gold and silver bullion dealer is an obvious choice for a number of reasons, including their customer service, product selection, reputation, and safety and security of payments. These are three vital elements that make or break most online gold and silver dealers, and so far JM Bullion has without a doubt succeeded all expectations.

You can search all over the internet for the best deals on gold coins, bars, and rounds but nine times out of ten you will end right back on JM because their prices and service simply cannot be beat. Whether you are a large-scale investor who is looking to broaden a portfolio, or a prospective, beginning investor who just wants to dip your toes in the water, JM Bullion has something for you. In the following few sections we will discuss, in detail, everything that makes JM Bullion as highly touted as it is today.

Products and Pricing

As soon as you get to JM’s homepage, a convenient tab at the top of the page will direct you to the precious metal whose products you would like to browse; gold or silver. Once you have clicked on the “gold” tab you will be prompted to browse gold coins, gold bars, or both. Once you make the selection all the products and their prices will be laid out in order from lowest price to highest price.

Some of their most popular gold bullion products are the 1 gram gold bar and the 1 ounce gold bar. But if you think that gold bars is all that JM Bullion does, you could not be more incorrect. In addition to the previously mentioned bars as well as a variety of other sizes, JM has a wide selection of gold coins and rounds too. If you think that 1 ounce gold bars are the biggest you can buy you will be happy to know that their variety of bars range in size from being as small as 1 gram to as large as 1 kilogram (32.15 ounces), with many different weights in between.

In addition to simply being listed with a product title and price, each item also has a page that details the product’s appearance as well as the exact weight, height, and width dimensions.

Payment Methods

When buying gold bullion online, it is important that you make sure the method by which you wish to pay is accepted by the site you are looking to buy from. Some sites make it confusing to know how you can pay, but JM Bullion not only specifies its three payment methods, it also lays out what purchases qualify for what payment methods.

The three accepted payment methods on JM Bullion are bank wires, credit/debit cards, and check(money order, cashier’s check). While paying with a check or credit card carries with it no minimum purchase amount, paying by way of bank wire is only allowed on orders of at least $2,500 up to a maximum of $100,000. Credit cards and checks may carry no minimum purchase requirement on JM Bullion, but credit card orders are not allowed to exceed $3,000 and orders being paid for via check cannot exceed $10,000.

If you are flirting with the idea of paying with a check or bank wire, the thing that may push you into enacting that idea is the fact that both these methods carry with them a 4% discount on the total cost of your order. 4% may not seem like much, but when orders can exceed multiple thousands of dollars, 4% can mean a savings in the hundreds.

There are other payment method requirements listed on JM Bullion’s website, so it is suggested that you read through them thoroughly before actually making a purchase.

Shipping Options

An element that exists in online precious metals dealing that rarely existed in the old brick and mortar days is that of shipping. Unlike before, your gold may take a few days or even weeks until it arrives at your door. During this time you want to make sure that your product is being as protected as possible and that is exactly what JM Bullion does. On top of it all, JM Bullion also ships your package discreetly so it is not screaming “HEY THERE’S GOLD IN HERE” while it makes its way to you. This is something not many other companies even take into consideration.

For orders under $2,500 dollars they will be shipped via USPS, either first class or priority. All orders under $500 are shipped first class while orders ranging in price between $500 and $2,500 are shipped priority. Additionally, orders that $500 and up will all require signature confirmation upon delivery; an added security feature.

Finally, something that sets JM Bullion apart from just about any other online dealer of metals is the fact that they offer free shipping on orders that exceed $2,500. These orders will be shipped via UPS and require a signature upon delivery. Every packaged shipped from JM Bullion will also include tracking so that you know exactly when to expect your gold bullion to be at your door.

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